Realtors ... can find a wide variety of information here about the sale or lease of properties in COLONIA ENCANTADA. CLICK HERE to download the complete Welcome packet containing important information for Realtors about listing, selling, or leasing property in COLONIA ENCANTADA.

Among the most important points to note are these:


  • Whether you are listing a Colonia Encantada property for sale (or for lease) or are representing a prospective buyer (or tenant) for a home in our community, you need to be aware of, and comply fully with, our CC&R requirements governing property transfers here.
  • The CC&Rs of Colonia Encantada specify that “No sale, transfer. conveyance, lease or sublease (hereinafter collectively “transfer”) of any Lot shall be made without securing the prior written approval of the Board [of Directors]. The Board shall be given notice, in writing, of any intended transfer on a form prescribed by the Board, which application shall be completed by the present Owner or Occupant and the proposed Owner or Occupant. The Board shall have fifteen (15) days after receiving such notice approve or disapprove same.”
  • Your failure, inadvertent or otherwise, to assure that your client – seller or buyer (landlord or tenant) – provides complete requisite documentation to the Board by not later than 15 days prior to the scheduled close of escrow (or lease commencement date) will result in the delay of such event. Such delays can be avoided by taking the following actions, as appropriate:
    1. Within 48 hours after a sale or lease listing is signed by the home owner, the Listing Agent shall notify the Colonia Encantada Property Manager (see contact info below), via e-mail, of such listing action.
    2. Within 48 hours after a purchase contract (or lease agreement) is signed by both parties, the Listing Agent and the Buyer’s (Tenant’s) Agent shall each notify the Property Manager that such action has occurred. Both agents will further advise the Manager of the scheduled date for Close of Escrow (or Lease commencement) and, for sales only, of the contact information for the responsible Escrow Officer.
    3. Concurrent with the foregoing step, both agents should request of the Property Manager a copy of our “Application for Consent to Sale” or “Application for Consent to Lease,” as the case may be. These application packets contain complete instructions regarding the information and supporting documentation required.
    4. Finally, both agents should work cooperatively to assure that the completed application, and all supporting documents, are returned to the Property Manager at least 15 days before the scheduled COE (or lease commencement) date. The Manager will then acquire the necessary approval from the Board of Directors.